JK Box projects

Horizon Junior Kindergarten learners spent two days in November embracing the Habits of Mind by building with boxes!  With staff, family, and community help, over 100 boxes of all shapes and sizes were donated to the classroom.  Learners had free reign to create, imagine, and innovate with the cardboard, tape, and yarn provided to them.  

Many different structures were created, including a puppy school, neighbors’ houses, garages, and a β€œHome Alone” house, complete with traps, boats, and cars.  It was amazing to see these little learners practice working interdependently using their Habits of Mind, such as creating, imagining, innovating, being persistent, and thinking flexibly. 

Following the fun, the learners took responsibility for cleaning up the classroom, breaking down boxes, and sorting everything into piles for recycling and trash.  It was a very memorable experience for all!