Surgery Monitor

Mrs. Nielsen’s First Grade 'surgeons' have been endlessly studying contractions in order to be fully prepared in the tragic event of a future β€œword” accident. 

Thankfully, the surgeons were prepared as word was received from the Grammar doctor today that there was, in fact, a terrible word accident and they were needed immediately!  Each surgeon in Mrs. Nielsen’s class scrubbed in, put on their gloves, and entered the operating room.  After receiving directions from the lead doctor, they got right to work. 

Ten 'patients' were given to each surgeon to save.  Timing was critical, the heart rate monitor was continually beeping, and the intense pressure was on!  Patients needed a perfectly located incision in order to be saved. 

After a long, 1-hour surgery, every patient had been successfully repaired!  This amazing success DIDN’T surprise anyone because Mrs. Nielsen's First Grade was fully prepared for this day of CONTRACTION SURGERY!