5V & 5W created their own food trucks & menus. They found the area & perimeter of the truck & appliances to construct a 3-D mini version. They used their monetary knowledge to create a menu with food prices. They took turns ordering form each otherโ€™s menus - yum! @pringarrett
6 days ago, Principal Garrett
Food Truck
Thank you to PTO, Horizon Families, Horizon Students, Fun Run Chair Amy Christensen - & Lemonade Stand Chair - Sarah Hansen for making Friday a success. Our goal of $35K was surpassed as more than $38K was pledged. The Lemonade Stand raised more than $1,900 for Horizon Cares.
7 days ago, Principal Garrett
Fun Run
Fun Run
FUn Run
Horizon Elementary hosted our very first Senior Graduation Walk Day. These ladies were in the first 5th grade class at Horizon Elementary in 2016-2017. Mrs. Kirton was their 5th Grade teacher. Congratulations & best wishes on the next chapter! @pringarrett
11 days ago, Principal Garrett
5th Grade
5th Grade
Graduation walk
Grad Walk
As summer break approaches, please be aware that SFSD is once again offering the Free Summer Meal Program.
11 days ago, Harrisburg School District
summer meals
The Fun Run Day is here. We have a free will donation at our Lemonade stand that will benefit the PTO Horizon Cares Fund. @pringarrett
11 days ago, Principal Garrett
fun Run
fun Run
Members of Horizon's student council embarked on a field trip touring the Ronald McDonald House, gaining insights into the invaluable contributions it makes to our community. They also demonstrated their support by donating collected pop tabs to further its mission. #StuCo
12 days ago, Principal Garrett
This learner was nominated by Mrs. Swanson and Miss Lichty for the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay. He has been persisting throughout NWEA testing and focusing on his work. @pringarrett
13 days ago, Principal Garrett
Good News
This learner was nominated for the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay for working hard and staying focused during math class. We shared the news with mom and dad. @pringarrett
14 days ago, Principal Garrett
Good News
Thank you to the PTO and the parents who started Teacher Appreciation Week off with so much love for the staff at Horizon. We were greeted with a big Thank You Sign and so many goodies & drinks. @pringarrett
14 days ago, Principal Garrett
Thank You
Happy #TeacherAppreciationWeek! This week, we give a shoutout to our amazing teachers & staff! Your hard work, dedication, & passion for educating our youth don't go unnoticed. Thank you for being an essential part of our kids' lives! ๐ŸŽ‰โค๏ธ๐Ÿพ #EducationPoweredbySDPublicSchools
15 days ago, Harrisburg School District
teacher appreciation
This learner was nominated by Mrs. Beckstrand for practicing PAWS expectations in the lunchroom every day and being a role model for others. He was #TigerProud to make the #GoodNewsCalloftheDay!
18 days ago, Horizon Elementary
Shout out to #TeamCrosswalk from #TeamHorizon for another sweet delivery of encouragement! The ongoing partnership with Crosswalk Community Church has been greatly appreciated! Thank you!
19 days ago, Horizon Elementary
Teamwork was evident as these learners worked hard on an aerial view of their village. @pringarrett
19 days ago, Principal Garrett
Mrs. Swanson nominated these 2 K Kids for the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay for demonstrating PAWS daily. They are role models for their class . We shared the Good News with grandma! @pringarrett
19 days ago, Principal Garrett
good news
Team Horizon is 'popping' with gratitude for the hard work and support of Principal Garrett and the amazing crew of substitutes this year! We are always #BetterTogether! #SchoolPrincipalsDay #SubstituteAppreciationDay
20 days ago, Horizon Elementary
This is part of our Woot Woot Wagon Crew that spreads sunshine to teachers each Friday. #ThankATeacher @pringarrett
22 days ago, Principal Garrett
Woot Woot!
Yesterday we celebrated our very own admininstrative assistant, Mrs. Decker. We showered her with goodies and thanks for all she does for Horizon staff and students each day!
25 days ago, Principal Garrett
Admin Asst
5W and 5V spent some of Earth Day outside cleaning up trash around the school! We appreciate all their hard work and wish you a Happy Earth Day! @pringarrett
28 days ago, Principal Garrett
Earth Day
Earth Day
Earth Day
Earth Day
Congratulations to all our 2nd semester student teachers who will be completing their time @ Horizon soon. One will complete another semester of student teaching, one will continue in graduate school & others have accepted positions in the Sioux Falls area. #ThankU @pringarrett
about 1 month ago, Principal Garrett
Student Teachers
This learner was observed being a PAWS role model in his classroom. He worked to clean the kindergarten classroom and showed respect for classroom materials and toys. We shared the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay with mom. @pringarrett
about 1 month ago, Principal Garrett
Good News