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19 minutes ago, Harrisburg School District
This K Kid was nominated for #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay for being an AmAziNg Tiger Walker, following PAWS expectations, and helping a classmate get ready for home at the end of the day. #TigerProud @pringarrett
2 days ago, Principal Garrett
Come to the SMS Cafetorium to see a spoof on the classic play, A Christmas "Carol" on December 17 (@ 7:30PM) and December 18 (@ 7:30PM). 5 and under FREE, K-8 $3, Adult $5. See you at the show! Tickets can be purchased at:
2 days ago, Harrisburg Fine Arts
Dec. 2 is National Special Education Day!This day marks the anniversary of the nation's first federal SPED law, the Individuals with Disabilities Act signed by President Ford 46 years ago. This learner was nominated for #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay for assisting a peer in music today.
3 days ago, Principal Garrett
Good News!
#TeamHorizon may be seen 'dressing down' in the month of December in order to help Horizon learners warm up! $300 has already been donated by staff in support of the Mitten Tree project to purchase winter gear for recess. The Horizon community is welcome to join in!
3 days ago, Horizon Elementary
Angel Mitten Tree
This 4th grade learner was nominated by staff and students for the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay. She is kind, polite, and respectful throughout the school day. She is role model exhibiting PAWS expectations. #TigerProud @pringarrett
4 days ago, Principal Garrett
Good News!
#TeamHorizon was thrilled to be #PAWSitivelyPink in November! Learners filled the wall to overflowing with PAWSitive notes last month and are already off to a great start for December. Keep up the good work, Tigers!
4 days ago, Horizon Elementary
PAWS wall
Shout out to #CNCFoodFactory and the generous donor who supplied #TeamHorizon with delicious donuts this week on #GivingTuesday! The kindness of the Horizon community is overwhelming!
4 days ago, Horizon Elementary
This Kinder Kid called dad to share the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay. He has been spotted each day following PAWS expectations in his classroom, on the playground and in the lunchroom. Way to go Buddy! @pringarrett
5 days ago, Principal Garrett
This 5th Grade Learner has joined Team Horizon this year and become a role model for her peers. She was nominated for #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay for following PAWS expectations in the lunchroom and other areas of the school. We shared the call with Dad! @pringarrett
6 days ago, Principal Garrett
Good News!
#TeamHorizon is starting the week with celebrations! Congratulations to the November Tigers on Track and PAWS Note drawing winners! PAWS behaviors are encouraged for all Horizon learners and award winners are selected/drawn near the end of each month. Keep up the good work!
6 days ago, Horizon Elementary
Nov ToT
What do you do when you find a person who shares your unique name? You take a picture of course! #Big&Little @pringarrett
11 days ago, Principal Garrett
Big and Little
This learner is polite and respectful each morning when she arrives at school. She is also helpful to others in the breakfast room. We shared the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay with dad. @pringarrett
12 days ago, Principal Garrett
Good News!
That is a wrap on JK Box Week! @pringarrett
16 days ago, Principal Garrett
Box Week
Kick-off the Christmas season with the HHS Choir & Tiger Nation at A Prairie Christmas 2021! Shows are December 11 @ 2PM & 5PM. Tickets are general admission & $12 (young children who can sit on a lap are free). Get your tickets in advance:
16 days ago, Harrisburg Fine Arts
What can you do with a box? Just ask a JK Kid! @pringarrett
17 days ago, Principal Garrett
This 3rd grader was nominated for the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay because she was spotted helping a classmates with his boots and snow pants. She is always so helpful to others. Grandma loved hearing the news. @pringarrett
17 days ago, Principal Garrett
Good News!
Shout out to Crosswalk Community Church for helping #TeamHorizon celebrate #AmericanEducationWeek. Thank you for the delicious treats!
17 days ago, Horizon Elementary
This learner was nominated for the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay for seeing and recognizing the good in others. We shared the news with dad. @pringarrett
18 days ago, Principal Garrett
This 3rd grade learner was nominated by Mrs. Maxwell for #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay for helping a classmate be safe on the bus and assisting him at concert practice. @pringarrett
19 days ago, Principal Garrett
Good News